Contribution Search API Documentation

About the API

The API is available to anyone who abides by our Terms of Service. It is free for public, noncommercial use with paid licenses available for commercial and private use.

This RESTful API returns results in JSON. Using the API requires enough programming knowledge to be able to parse JSON.


Returns contributions to candidates for federal office (President, Senate, and House) starting with the 2008 election cycle.

Candidate name search

Returns top 10 candidate names whose standardized name contains all the search terms. Sorted by amount received (descending). Includes the candidate’s numeric candidate_mlid which can be used in the candidates search. Includes a label for the candidate.

Donor organization search

Returns top 10 donor organizations whose standardized name contains all search terms. Sorted by amount contributed (descending).

Election cycle list

Returns all available election cycles. Includes a label.