MapLight Federal Money and Politics Data License

Subject to the terms listed below, use of the MapLight Federal Money and Politics Data Set (“MapLight Data”) is provided free of charge to 501(c)(3) organizations for all uses that are freely available to the public. For example, you may use the MapLight Data on free public websites run by a 501(c)(3) (including ad-supported websites); in nonprofit-run news reporting available to the public; and in mobile apps offered free of charge by 501(c)(3) organizations.

If you wish to use the MapLight Data as part of a website, product, service, research report, or other use that is non-public or requires a fee, or if you are a for-profit organization, a paid license specific to your organization is required. Please contact us for details.

Free use of the MapLight Data is subject to the following terms:

  1. Free use of the MapLight data is limited to 501(c)(3) organizations.
  2. The MapLight Data, and any products or services that make use of the MapLight Data, must be available to the public free of charge.
  3. MapLight cannot be held liable for the accuracy or availability of the MapLight Data and does not make any claims to accuracy, completeness, availability, or any other warranty or guarantee.
  4. Each web page, data set, product, service, or publication that in any way uses the MapLight Data must give clear attribution to MapLight by displaying one of these text phrases:
    (a) Source: MapLight
    (b) Data: MapLight
    (c) Data source: MapLight
    (d) Campaign contributions data: MapLight

    Either the entire text phrase, or the “MapLight” within the text phrase, must hyperlink to or to another page on the MapLight website. Printed (non-electronic) publications are not required to provide hyperlinks.

    The text phrase must be displayed as close as possible to where the MapLight Data is displayed. The text phrase must be immediately visible, without requiring user interaction such as mouseover, typing or clicking. Any exceptions to these terms of attribution must be agreed upon in advance in writing by MapLight.

  5. Implication or claim of endorsement by MapLight is strictly prohibited.
  6. Provision of the MapLight Data may be terminated at any time at the discretion of MapLight.
  7. Use of the MapLight Data is subject to the use restrictions set by the Federal Election Commission. By accessing this data, you understand that you are using the data subject to all applicable local, state and federal law.
  8. These terms may be modified at any time.

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