Obama Selects William Daley to be White House Chief of Staff

Chad Outler | January 11, 2011

Jan 10, 2011 -- President Barack Obama has named William Daley as his new chief of staff. Daley was appointed secretary of Commerce by President Bill Clinton, serving from 1997 to 2000 and since his career has spanned industries including aerospace, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and finance.

According to Forbes online, at the time of his selection, Daley served as head of corporate responsibility and as chairman of the Midwest region for JPMorgan Chase He also was serving on the board of directors of drug manufacturer Abbott Laboratories and aerospace giant Boeing. Daley was the president of SBC Communications from December 2001 until joining J.P. Morgan in May 2004. In 2001, he worked at the New York investment banking firm, Evercore Partners, according to Chicago Magazine. Daley is also associated with Boston Properties, having served on their board of directors from 2003 to 2007. He also served on pharmaceutical giant Merck's board of directors from 2002 to 2004.

Daley himself is a prolific campaign donor, having given over $80,000 to congressional campaigns (overwhelmingly to Democrats) since the 2002 election cycle.

Below is a list of the contributions made by people associated with the companies named above, made during the periods that Daley was affiliated with each.

ContributorTime Period:  All CandidatesObama
J.P. Morgan Chase    May 2004 to Jan. 2011  $5,573,899$699,695
BoeingFeb. 2006 to Jan. 2011$4,600,232            $197,802          
Abbott LaboratoriesOct. 2004 to Jan. 2011$2,313,647$96,730
SBC Communications   Dec. 2001 to May 2004  $1,899,535$8,000
Merck & Co.Apr. 2002 to July 2004$481,593$1,500
Boston PropertiesMay 2003 to May 2007$83,650$1,000
Evercore Partners    Jan. 2001 to Nov. 2001$9,500$0

Contribution data represents contributions to members of Congress for election cycles ranging from 2002 through Oct 13, 2010, according to Daley's employment timelines as provided by the cited reports (viewed by clicking on the dates). Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Campaign contribution totals compiled by Data Analyst Emilie Middlesworth.