Tracking MapLight’s Coverage of Scott Pruitt’s Time as EPA Chief

July 11, 2018

Scott Pruitt’s resignation as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency this month comes after extensive reporting from news organizations about myriad ethical scandals that led to multiple investigations and public outrage. Throughout Pruitt’s short tenure at the EPA, MapLight followed his support for the energy industry, cozy ties to campaign donors, and questionable reimbursement requests.

Explore the stories below to track MapLight’s news coverage and data analyses of Scott Pruitt at EPA.

Worried About Grade School Security, EPA Limited Pruitt’s Earth Day Audience to Timber Execs
May 21, 2018
A timber executive organized a secret Earth Day visit to an elementary school for Scott Pruitt, according to emails and text messages reviewed by MapLight.

Ethics Experts Say Scott Pruitt Reimbursements Raise Questions About Double-Dipping
May 8, 2018
Oklahoma campaign finance records suggest Scott Pruitt may have been reimbursed twice for items he purchased while serving as the state’s attorney general, experts say.

During First Year, Pruitt Met With 39 Donors Who Gave $286K to OK Campaigns and PACs
April 10, 2018
During the last year, Scott Pruitt has met with more than three dozen organizations that donated to his past campaigns and political committees. The donors include major oil and gas companies, electricity providers, coal producers, and conservative think tanks.

Donors Lobbying EPA Gave $181K to Pruitt Oklahoma Committees, Now Reaping Benefits
April 2, 2018
As an Oklahoma politician, Scott Pruitt received $181,000 in political contributions from donors who lobbied the EPA last year. The donors include lobbyist J. Steven Hart and his wife, who have attracted attention for renting a townhouse to Pruitt -- even as Hart's firm, Williams & Jensen, has lobbied to relax the EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gas regulations. Hart and his wife donated $4,366 to Pruitt’s campaigns for Oklahoma attorney general and his federal leadership PAC.

EPA Nominee Pruitt Received More Than $350,000 from Energy Sources in Oklahoma Races
February 17, 2017
President Donald Trump’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency has received $352,946 in contributions from members of the energy and natural resources sector since 2001.

Pruitt Calendar: Top Republican Donors Press EPA to Move Regional Office to Phoenix
October 12, 2017
Top Republican donors have been pressing the Environmental Protection Agency to move its regional headquarters from San Francisco to Phoenix. Agency records show EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt hosted a May meeting to discuss “possible EPA restructure opportunities.”

Emails Show EPA Chief Isn’t Only Republican to Copy-and-Paste Lobbyist Suggestions
August 25, 2017
South Carolina's attorney general copy-and-pasted language from an energy lobbyist to get him a meeting with Scott Pruitt.

Conservative Group Led By EPA Chief Pruitt Received Dark Money To Battle Environmental Regulations
June 7, 2017
An organization previously led by Scott Pruitt raised more than $750,000 from conservative dark money groups to battle federal regulators.