112th Congress Subcommittee Chairmen: House Agriculture

Chad Outler | January 14, 2011

Jan. 14, 2011 -- House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas has selected members to serve as subcommittee chairpersons for the 112th Congress. Below is a list of the selections as well as their top contributions by interest group.

Vice Chairman -- Agriculture Committee

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Virginia 

Crop Production & Basic Processing$37,690
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing$28,400
Food Processing & Sales$28,235
Lawyers/Law Firms$27,300
Agricultural Services/Products$22,500
Electric Utilities$20,000
Banks and Credit$18,500

Conservation, Energy and Forestry -- Soil, water, and resource conservation, small watershed program, energy and biobased energy production, rural electrification, forestry in general and forest reserves other than those created from the public domain.

Rep. Glenn Thompson, Pennsylvania

Oil & Gas$55,072
Health Professionals$52,599
Hospitals/Nursing Homes$37,075
Lawyers/Law Firms$35,202
Real Estate$29,655
Electric Utilities$27,150
Misc Business$21,950
Banks and Credit$21,000
Crop Production & Basic Processing$20,075

Department Operations, Oversight and Credit -- Agency oversight, review and analysis, special investigations, and agricultural credit.

Rep. Jeffrey Fortenberry, Nebraska

Health Professionals$42,676
Lawyers/Law Firms$25,862
Banks and Credit$22,800
Real Estate$19,950
Securities & Investment$12,450
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing$11,050
Printing & Publishing$10,650
Crop Production & Basic Processing$8,800
Misc Finance$8,319

General Farm Commodities and Risk Management -- Program and markets related to cotton, cottonseed, wheat, feed grains, soybeans, oilseeds, rice, dry beans, peas, lentils, the Commodity Credit Corporation, risk management, including crop insurance, commodity exchanges, and specialty crops.

Rep. K. Michael Conaway, Texas

Oil & Gas$132,100
Crop Production & Basic Processing$69,900
Health Professionals$49,500
Banks and Credit$35,800
Lawyers/Law Firms$35,055
Defense Aerospace$29,000
Agricultural Services/Products$25,050
Securities & Investment$22,850

Livestock, Dairy and Poultry -- Jurisdiction: Livestock, dairy, poultry, meat, seafood and seafood products, inspection, marketing, and promotion of such commodities, aquaculture, animal welfare, and grazing.

Rep. Tom Rooney, Florida

Crop Production & Basic Processing$56,950
Real Estate$55,350
Securities & Investment$44,847
Lawyers/Law Firms$42,935
Banks and Credit$34,150
Electric Utilities$31,950
Defense Aerospace$30,750
Health Professionals$27,450
Food Processing & Sales$27,000

Nutrition and Horticulture -- Food stamps, nutrition and consumer programs, fruits and vegetables, honey and bees, marketing and promotion orders, plant pesticides, quarantine, adulteration of seeds and insect pests, and organic agriculture.

Rep. Jean Schmidt, Ohio

Lawyers/Law Firms$51,200
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing$37,650
Real Estate$27,120
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products$26,250
Air Transport$24,748
Food Processing & Sales$23,800
Banks and Credit$23,350
Securities & Investment$18,150
Human Rights$15,750

Rural Development, Research, Biotechnology and Foreign Agriculture -- Rural Development, farm security and family farming matters, biotechnology, foreign agriculture assistance, and trade promotion programs, generally.

Rep. Timothy V. Johnson, Illinois

Lawyers/Law Firms$22,550
Crop Production & Basic Processing$18,205
Transportation Unions$16,000
Electric Utilities$15,100
Building Trade Unions$15,000
Agricultural Services/Products$13,181
Air Transport$12,000
Construction Services$12,000
Public Sector Unions$9,000

Contributions above are for the last two years of available data, Nov 23, 2008 - Nov 22, 2010. Contributions from political parties and from other candidates are not included in the "Top 10" lists. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics (