Despite Republican Opposition, the Freedom to Vote Act Must Move Forward

MapLight | October 21, 2021

Senate Republicans blocked a vote this week on the Freedom to Vote Act, landmark legislation that would improve our democracy by protecting people’s right to vote, end partisan gerrymandering, limit the influence of money in politics, and increase transparency for political ads online.

Decode Democracy Policy Director Ann Ravel issued the following statement:

“Salvaging our democracy can not and should not be a partisan issue. Not only does the Freedom to Vote Act ensure access to voting and limit the influence of money in politics, it would also usher in significant improvements to transparency in online political ads an important step in fighting online disinformation. “Senate Republicans' use of the filibuster to stand in the way of protections to Americans’ freedom to vote and other improvements to our democracy marks a dark moment for the party and our nation’s history.  But it can not mark the end of the Freedom to Vote Act. Now is the time for senators and President Biden to support eliminating the legislative filibuster so the Freedom to Vote Act can move forward.  The long-term health of our democracy depends on it.”