It’s Time to Send Facebook a Message by Logging Off

MapLight | October 13, 2021

The latest revelations from Facebook's own research about its platforms show what we have known for a long time: Facebook doesn't care about its impact on society so long as it makes profits.

But we have the power to change that.

Facebook cares how long we spend on its platforms (including Instagram) because 98% of the company’s revenue is derived from ads targeted to users. In short: We are Facebook’s entire business model.

That’s why we're joining an effort to show Facebook that the health of our democracy is more important than corporate profits. We will collectively log off Facebook and Instagram — starting November 10 for a few days — to show our power.

Click here to sign the pledge and join the campaign today.

From allowing right-wing extremists to organize an insurrection at the Capitol to facilitating the spread of Covid-19 disinformation and hiding internal research showing Instagram is toxic for teen girls, Facebook is a threat to our children, our society, and our democracy.

Decode Democracy is joining Kairos in a campaign to show that we make or break Facebook. By logging off Facebook platforms for a few days, you can help send Facebook a powerful message to demand more transparency and accountability. (If you’re not on Facebook or Instagram, you can still take the pledge and share why you either left or never joined the platforms.)

Click here to take the pledge that you'll be joining the logoff action — and invite others to do the same