CA Prop. 37 – GMO Labeling: Funding Update – Monsanto ($4M), Dupont ($4M), Pepsi ($1.7M)

Pamela Behrsin | August 22, 2012

California Proposition 37, if passed, would require labeling of food products made from genetically modified organisms. A MapLight analysis of campaign finance data from the Secretary of State website shows CA Prop. 37 campaigns have raised $2 million in support of the proposition and $25 million in opposition. An industry breakdown shows Organic (46.2%) and Alternative Health (39.4%) accounting for 85.6% of the total money in support and Food & Beverage (42.6%), Agriculture (40.3%), and Chemicals (16.1%) accounting for 99% of the total money in opposition.

TOP 3 ORGANIZATIONS IN SUPPORT: Health Resources LLC: $800,000
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps All-One-God-Faith Inc.: $290,000
Nature's Path Foods U.S.A. Inc. Fine Natural Food Products: $250,709

Monsanto Company: $4,208,000
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.: $4,025,200
PepsiCo, Inc.: $1,716,300

A spreadsheet of all contributions for Prop. 37 can be found here. Please contact MapLight if you need assistance.

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Prop. 37 Voter's Edge CA Funding Page (Updated as of 8/15/12):


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