Calif. State Sen. Huff’s Support of Redevelopment Agencies May Be Due to Ties Close to Home

Chad Outler | May 10, 2011

May 11, 2011 -- California State Sen. Bob Huff is a strong supporter of maintaining the state's redevelopment agencies. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, Sen. Huff's motivations may be enhanced by the fact that his wife, Mei Mei, served as a highly paid consultant to the owner of real estate development firm Majestic Realty, whose highest profile project, an $800 million NFL stadium, relies on its proximity to a redevelopment zone. As the LA Times reports, Mei Mei Huff's consulting company has two clients according to her husband's financial disclosures, one of which is Pacific Palms Resort/Majestic Industry Hills LLC, which is co-owned by Ed Roski and John Semcken, the owner and vice president, respectively, of Majestic Realty Co.

Contributions to Bob Huff (Jan. 1, 2003 - Dec. 31, 2010)

Includes monetary and non-monetary contributionsc to Bob Huff's campaigns for Assembly and Senate. California campaign contributions data source: National Institute on Money in State Politics.