Competing Online Gambling Bills Bid for Senate Support

Owen Poindexter | July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 - The California Senate is revisiting the issue of online gambling as it seeks additional sources of revenue to supplement budgetary shortfalls. Two bills, SB 40 and SB 45, offer different plans to legalize online gambling games. Indian gaming groups currently support SB 40 and oppose SB 45. Both bills are scheduled for an informational hearing by the Senate Committee on Governmental Organization on July 12, however, no votes are expected.

  • Members of the Senate Committee on Governmental Organization have received $29,800 in contributions connected to Indian gaming interests.
  • Interest groups that oppose SB 40 (Native American tribes & governing units and Christian Coalition, religious right) gave 46% more than interest groups that support this bill (Casinos, racetracks & gambling, Online computer services, Indian gaming) to members of the Senate Committee on Governmental Organization.
  • For SB 45, MapLight has recorded the bill position of only one interest group, Indian gaming, which opposes the measure. Below is a table outlining contributions from this group to members of the Committee on Governmental Organization.  

Contributions to Members of the Senate Committee on Governmental Organization from Indian Gaming Interests

NameParty      District      Indian gaming
Tony StricklandRCA-19$10,000
Rod WrightDCA-25$8,900
Tom BerryhillRCA-14$3,900
Alex PadillaDCA-20$3,000
Kevin De LeonDCA-22$2,000
Joel AndersonRCA-36$1,000
Ron CalderonDCA-30$1,000
Anthony Cannella   
Ed HernandezDCA-24$0
Ellen CorbettDCA-10$0
Leland YeeDCA-8$0
Mark WylandRCA-38$0
Noreen EvansDCA-2$0

Methodology: A MapLight analysis of campaign contributions to current members of the Senate Governmental Organization Committee from Indian gaming interest groups, January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2010. Campaign contributions data source:

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