FCC Gives Thumbs Up to Comcast/NBC Merger, Justice Department Remains as Final Hurdle

Jeffrey ErnstFriedman | January 18, 2011

Jan 18, 2011 - Politico reports that the FCC has voted 4-1 to allow the merger of Comcast and NBC. According to the article, "The merger, which still awaits final approval from the Department of Justice, brings together two media giants that will now own popular content — such as “30 Rock” and “The Office” — as well as the platform to distribute it."

The Justice Department, as a member of the executive branch, is under the purview of the White House, where Comcast's campaign contributions are well represented. While still senators, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden all enjoyed significant contributions from Comcast. Amongst candidates elected to Congress, each holds a place in the top ten recipients from Comcast and its employees dating back to the 2002 election cycle.


Barack Obama$200,231
Arlen Specter$191,830
Hillary Clinton$156,740
John Dingell$92,775
Joseph Biden $81,000
John McCain$77,952
Richard Santorum                 $74,300
Joe Barton$72,000
Blanche Lincoln$71,600
Allyson Schwartz$69,250

Monetary and non-monetary contributions to candidate campaign committees of legislators serving in the 109th, 110th, 111th and 112th Congresses. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics (