Former Sen. Denise Moreno Ducheny Appointed to the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board

Chad Outler | December 08, 2010

Dec. 8, 2010 -- Former State Sen. Denise Moreno Ducheny (D-Chula Vista), who represented California's 40th Senate District, has been selected by members of the Senate Rules Committee to a four year post on the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. According to an article in the Sacramento Bee, Ducheny's new job will pay her more than $128,000 per year.

Ducheny was term limited out of the California Senate.

Ducheny has an extensive background in fiscal issues, having chaired the Assembly Budget Committee, the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.

The following are the top ten contributors to Ducheny's most recent campaign by interest group:


Public Sector Unions$17,081
Pharmaceuticals & Health Products$9,650
Real Estate$8,700
Lawyers & Lobbyists$8,000
Beer, Wine & Liquor$7,800
Tribal Governments$6,900
Miscellaneous Manufacturing & Distributing    
Health Professionals$5,150
Waste Management$4,952

Contributions above are for the last four years of available data, Jul 1, 2006 - Jun 30, 2010. Contributions from political parties and from other candidates are not included in the "Top 10" lists. Contributions data provided by the National Institute on Money in State Politics (