House Returns from Recess to Send Teachers to Work

Jeffrey ErnstFriedman | August 10, 2010

Aug. 10, 2010 - The House on Tuesday cleared a spending bill that will send $10 billion to states to employ teachers for the upcoming school year.  The bill (HR 1586) passed by a mostly party-line vote of 247 to 161, and President Obama is expected to sign it into law. The bill also includes a six-month funding extension for Medicaid programs totaling $16 billion.

Interest groups in favor of passage include teachers unions, state and local government employee unions, as well as hospitals and drugs stores. Opposition groups include international trade associations and manufacturing interests. The measure is paid for in part by cutting food stamp programs as well as rewriting tax rules for companies doing business abroad.

Teachers unions, a group in favor of passage, gave over $3 million in contributions to House members from June 3, 2008 to June 4, 2010. Teachers will see $10 billion in funds channeled to states, a return of over $3,000 for every $1 contributed. On average, House members voting in favor of passage received $11,920 from teachers unions, while House members voting against passage only received $753, on average.

Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of House members in office on day of vote, from Teachers unions interest groups, June 4, 2008 – June 3, 2010. Contributions data source: