Maine Ballot Measure Funding Profile: Question 1 – Same-Sex Marriage, $6.8M Raised

Pamela Behrsin | November 20, 2012

Nov. 1, 2012—MapLight Voter's Edge for Maine, a nonpartisan guide to ballot measures, profiles the funding behind ballot Question 1: Same-Sex Marriage. The measure, if passed, would allow marriage licenses for same-sex couples and protect religious freedoms.

A MapLight analysis of campaign contribution data from the Maine Commission on Govermental Ethics & Election Practices shows $5.1 million has been raised on the "Yes" side and $1.7 million has been raised on the "No" side. The table below lists the top 10 contributors to the "Yes" and "No" sides for Question 1, and the pie charts show the geographic origins of the contributions.

The purpose of the MapLight Voter's Edge project is to provide a reliable, nonpartisan source for information about ballot measures. MapLight Voter's Edge shows each measure's Funding Data—a top 10 list of contributors; Summary Information—what a "YES" or a "NO" vote would mean; the projected financial impact of the proposition; campaign arguments by proponents and opponents; Endorsements; News; Editorials; and Advertisements.

$5.1 million raised in total

Rank Contributor Name Total
1 Loeb, Daniel $235,000
2 Stryker, Jon $225,000
3 Freedom to Marry $217,138
4 Singer, Paul $150,000
5 Tepper, David $150,000
6 Civil Marriage Collaborative,
A Project of the Proteus Fund
7 EqualityMaine $107,745
8 National Gay and Lesbian Task
Force Action Fund
9 Silicon Valley Community
10 Hughes, Chris $100,000
Last updated: 10/31/2012

$1.7 million raised in total

Rank Contributor Name Total
1 National Organization for Marriage $1,317,789
2 Knights of Columbus $101,135
3 CitizenLink $26,000
4 Focus on the Family $25,000
5 Christian Civic League of Maine $14,269
6 Ritter, Christopher $10,000
7 Hutchins, Marcus $10,000
8 Christian Education League $10,000
9 Faith Evangelical Free Church $7,025
10 Contract Farming of Maine,LLC $5,000
Last updated: 10/31/2012

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A link to this data release can be found here.

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Update: The original post contained links to image files that are no longer available on Voter's Edge.