Manufacturing Lobbyist John Engler will head the Business Roundtable

Chad Outler | December 21, 2010

Dec. 21, 2010 -- Peter Schroeder, writing for the Hill, reports that on January 15 of next year John Engler, CEO of  influential lobbying group the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), will become the new president of the Business Roundtable, an even more influential lobbying group. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Business Roundtable's total expenditures for all lobbying activity in 2010 tops $5 million.

A contribution search at reveals that since the 2002 election cycle, the National Association of Manufacturers has contributed $37,503 to congressional campaign committees. Engler's new organization, the Business Roundtable, is a significantly higher contributor, having contributed more than $60,000 since the 2002 cycle. John Engler himself made four personal contributions during the same period, totaling $5,500.

The table below includes the top recipients of campaign contributions from the 2002 - 2010 election cycles made by Engler, NAM and the Business Roundtable. Of note: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tops the lists of both interest groups' donations and one name, Rep. Robert Portman, appears on all three lists. Portman served 12 years in the US House of Representatives and will be returning to Congress in the 112th session as a Senator. Between serving as a Representative and a Senator, Portman was appointed U.S. Trade Representative and then Director of the Office of Management and Budget by President George W. Bush.

Only three Democrats appear on the table. Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska is chairman of the Legislative Branch subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Departing Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut is the current chair of the Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee. Sen. Max Baucus of Montana serves as chair of the Senate Finance Committee.


 Business Roundtable  National Assoc. of Manufacturers  John Engler  
1Mitch McConnellR - KY$4,500   Mitch McConnellR - KY$8,900   Robert PortmanR - OH$2,000
2Christopher DoddD - CT$4,300Ben NelsonD - NE$2,500Roy BluntR - MO$2,000
3Robert PortmanR - OH$3,900John McCainR - AZ$2,300Charles GrassleyR - IA$1,000
4John ThuneR - SD$2,500John ThuneR - SD$2,000David CampR - MI$500
5Richard SantorumR - PA$2,500Susan CollinsR - ME$1,750   
6Michael CastleR - DE$2,500Steven ChabotR - OH$1,550   
7Lisa MurkowskiR - AK$2,500Thomas DavisR - VA$1,550   
8Susan CollinsR - ME$2,500James TalentR - MO$1,500   
9Max BaucusD - MT$2,400Norm ColemanR - MN$1,500   
10Ben NelsonD - NE$2,000Robert PortmanR- OH$1,400   

Contributions data, provided by the Center for Responsive Politics (, includes monetary and non-monetary contributions to candidate campaign committees of legislators serving in the 109th, 110th and 111th Congresses since the 2002 election cycle.