Oil & Gas Industry Gave 13 Times More Money to House Reps Voting for Senate Keystone XL Bill

Daniel Stevens | February 11, 2015


Feb. 11, 2015 -- Today, the House of Representatives passed S.1 (270-152), allowing TransCanada to complete the Keystone XL pipeline without a presidential permit or additional environmental review. The Senate passed the bill in January, but the White House said President Obama would veto the legislation.

  • The oil and gas industry gave, on average, 13 times more money to representatives voting ‘YES’ ($45,218) on S. 1  compared to representatives voting 'NO' ($3,549).

  • The oil and gas industry gave, on average, 5.3 times more money to Democratic representatives voting ‘YES’ ($18,141) on S.1 compared to Democratic representatives voting ‘NO’ ($3,444).

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Methodology: MapLight analysis of campaign contributions to members of the House of Representatives voting on S.1 from PACs and employees of the oil and gas industry (Fuel Oil Dealers, Independent Oil & Gas Prodcuers, Multinational Oil & Gas Producers, Oil & Gas, Oilfield Service, Equipment & Exploration, and Petroleum Refining & Marketing) from October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2014. Contributions data source: