Rep. Jane Harman’s Husband Purchases Newsweek

Owen Poindexter | August 03, 2010

Aug. 2, 2010 - Newsweek magazine, owned by the Washington Post Company, has been purchased by billionaire Sidney Harman. Harman, founder of electronics manufacturer Harman International Industries, is married to California Rep. Jane Harman.

Mr. Harman has given $17,000 of his own money in political contributions in the last ten years to elected members of Congress, much of it to centrists such as Joseph Lieberman ($5,000) and Susan Collins ($4,600). Totals are from direct contributions to elected members of Congress serving in any of the 109th, 110th or 111th congresses and derived from's new contributions search.

Contributions from employees of Harman International Industries to Rep. Harman total $20,300 in the same ten-year period. Below is an analysis of recent contributions to Rep. Harman.

Jane Harman's Top 10 Interests Funding (Jun 4, 2008 - Jun 3, 2010.)

Securities & Investment$56,800
Real Estate$49,300
Lawyers/Law Firms$49,050
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing$44,100
Misc Defense$37,300
Misc Finance$31,850
Health Professionals$29,400
Defense Electronics$22,500

Contributions from political parties and from other candidates are not included in top 10 lists. Interests groups are established by the Center for Responsive Politics. Contributions shown for the last two years of available data, Jun 4, 2008 - Jun 3, 2010.

Includes reported contributions to congressional campaigns of House and Senate members currently in office, from Jan. 1, 2001 – June 03, 2010. Contributions data source: