Steve Israel Chosen to Head Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Chad Outler | November 19, 2010

Nov. 19, 2010 - New York Rep. Steve Israel has been tapped to lead the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, according to an article in Politico. Rep. Israel is currently a member of the powerful Appropriations Committee and its Select Intelligence Oversight Panel, as well as a former member of the influential Armed Services and Financial Services Committees.

According to the article, Israel was tapped by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for the DCCC on Friday. Israel has been a top loyalist to Pelosi over the last few years, and since Democrats lost control of the House on Nov. 2, he helped rally support for her to transition to minority leader in the next Congress. He is also a prodigious fundraiser, bringing in more than $1.9 million for the DCCC last cycle, according to an internal Democratic tracking sheet.

Here are Rep. Israel's top ten contributors by interest group and organization name for the latest election cycle:

Real Estate$239,578
Lawyers/Law Firms$239,175
Securities & Investment$207,702
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing$91,450
Business Services$88,200
Health Professionals$81,901
Misc Finance$64,325
Electric Utilities$57,450
Building Trade Unions$57,250
Northville Industries$28,700
Constellation Brands$25,000
De Shaw and Company$24,500
Rosen Partners$19,200
Rechler Equity$17,800
Cablevision Systems$17,200
Positive Promotions$15,950
Advanced Acoustic Concepts$15,500
Barclays Capital$15,200
Stidd Systems$15,000

Contributions above are for the last two years of available data, Sep 1, 2008 - Aug 31, 2010. Contributions from political parties and from other candidates are not included in the "Top 10" lists. Contributions data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics (