Wall Street Reform: Broad Support for First Round of Amendments

Emily Calhoun | May 06, 2010

May 5, 2010 - The first round of amendments to the Financial Reform Bill were passed on the Senate floor yesterday.

Although last week's partisan split on procedural votes signaled a bumpy road ahead for the bill, the first two floor amendments, addressing financial sector bailouts, were passed with nearly unanimous support.

Shelby-Dodd Amendment no. 3827

Five Senators voted no, receiving on average 30% more money from financial sector interests over the last six years than the 93 Senators who voted in favor.

Coburn, ThomasROK$0$623,862No
Cornyn, JohnRTX$0$2,046,092No
DeMint, JimRSC$0$1,207,225No
Dorgan, ByronDND$0$436,300No
Hatch, OrrinRUT$0$685,886No

Boxer Amendment no. 3737

Senator Jon Kyl (R-Arizona) was the only Senator to vote No. The $1.4 million he has received from financial sector interests over the last six years is 80% more than the average amount received by the 96 Senators who voted Yes.

Over the next couple of weeks, many more controversial amendments are expected to be debated and voted on.

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