Who’s Trying to Buy VA’s Senate Seat? Wired & MapLight Influence Tracker Widget Shows U.S. Government vs. Altria

Pamela Behrsin | November 05, 2012

Who's Trying to Buy VA's Senate Seat?
Wired & MapLight Influence Tracker Widget Shows U.S. Government vs. Altria

Nov. 4, 2012--The Influence Tracker embeddable widget was created by Wired and MapLight, a nonpartisan research organization that reveals money's influence on politics, to help citizens follow the money behind candidates in presidential and congressional races. A MapLight analysis of campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission shows Timothy Michael Kaine (D) has raised $14,753,443 to George Allen's (R) $12,429,064 in the Virginia Senate race. Kaine's total ranks him sixth of all 219 senatorial candidates running in the November 6 election. Allen is ranked 10th. The totals include individual and PAC contributions. Widgets are embeddable on media sites and blogs and automatically receive FEC data updates weekly on Mondays.

"Corporate influence in politics has gone off the charts, and it's more important than ever for voters to understand who is financing candidates," said Evan Hansen,'s editor in chief. "MapLight has done the hard work of compiling the data. At Wired, we're happy to help get that information out to the wider public and share it as broadly as possible with this Web-based embeddable widget."



Click here to view Timothy Michael Kaine's Influence Tracker Widget.
Click here to view George Allen's Influence Tracker Widget.


In addition to featuring candidates' total contributions, a list of their top 10 donors, and their ranking as a fundraiser within the office they seek, it also ranks their fundraisingederal level. Citizens, bloggers, and media sites can customize the widgets for the presidential race or track the money between candidates in the House and Senate races in their state. Create your own Influence Tracker Widget here.

Data Source: Federal Election Commission.

“In just a few days, voters will confront a ballot filled with candidates whose campaigns have been paid for by wealthy donors. People deserve to know the truth about whose interests their candidates are really representing,” said Daniel G. Newman, MapLight's president and co-founder. “We’re proud to work with Wired to give voters a tool they can use to draw back the curtain on the moneyed influence plaguing our political system.”

A link to this press release can be found here.

MapLight is a nonpartisan political money tracker.

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