Decoder Newsletter: Facebook Trying to Avoid Scrutiny
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins and Viviana Padelli | October 26, 2020
MapLight's weekly newsletter on deceptive digital politics looks at the state of online disinformation with just over a week until the 2020 election.
Despite New Policy, Ads Questioning Election Legitimacy Get No Reaction from Facebook
Frank Bass and Bergen Smith | October 23, 2020
Facebook put its foot down last month and announced it would immediately ban advertisements designed to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election. So far, it’s not exactly a success.
Campaign Cash Pours into California Ballot Measure Campaigns
Bergen Smith and Laura Curlin | October 22, 2020
As Californians prepare to vote on 12 statewide ballot measures, campaigns supporting and opposing the measures have already raised a record $700 million.
Facebook PAC Donations Fall Sharply During 2020 Campaign While Lobbying Explodes
Frank Bass and Bergen Smith |
Campaign contributions from the Facebook PAC have dropped sharply in 2020 compared to 2016. Meanwhile the company is placing more emphasis on fighting off regulation by hiring Washington insiders.
Social Media Algorithms Deserve Real Scrutiny from Congress
Alec Saslow |
Holding platforms accountable for the harm caused by their algorithms is an important step and the Protecting Americans from Dangerous Algorithms Act deserves serious consideration.
Decoder Newsletter: Social Media & Online Speech
Margaret Sessa-Hawkins and Viviana Padelli |
MapLight's weekly newsletter about the world of online political deception looks how platforms handled the questionable story from the New York Post with the election just weeks away.
Demand Social Media Platforms Protect Voters from Online Disinformation
Alec Saslow |
Social media platforms must implement reforms to limit dangerous efforts to intimidate, suppress, and deceive voters by requiring human review of election-related content from accounts with large followings and a track record of election integrity violations.