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Analysis: Keystone Advocates Have Spent $611 on Lobbying for Every $1 by Opponents
Advocates of the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline have spent more than 600 times the amount on lobbying over the last year than its opponents have mustered.
Manufacturers of Forever Chemicals Give Generously to House Members
Opponents of a bill to give the EPA more power over hazardous "forever chemicals" received 20 percent more in campaign contributions from the chemicals’ manufacturers than supporters.
Oil Industry Money Fuels Opponents of California’s Auto Emissions Standards
Senators who have refused to cosponsor a resolution affirming California’s ability to enforce vehicle fuel economy standards have received almost 15 times more campaign money from major oil and gas interests than lawmakers supporting the measure.
Energy Giants Spend Big on Lobbying to Clear Pipeline Path Through National Forests, Appalachian Trail
A trio of utility giants building a natural gas pipeline that would cut across the Appalachian Trail has spent more than $109 million lobbying federal lawmakers and officials since the project was unveiled five years ago.
DowDuPont Giving Generously To Congressional Opponents of Chlorpyrifos Ban
Lawmakers sitting out a fight to ban a controversial pesticide linked to brain damage in children and farmworkers have received about 27 times more campaign cash from its primary manufacturer since 2017 than House members pushing for a prohibition.
Major Oil Companies Bankroll Paris Accord Bill Opponents By 3-to-1 Margin
House members who opposed a measure to block the Trump administration from abandoning an international agreement to mitigate climate change received three times more money from the nation’s major oil and gas companies than the bill’s supporters.
Oil And Gas Companies Fueled Attacks On Colorado’s New Democratic Governor
Two oil and gas companies with extensive interests in Colorado donated $1.7 million to a Republican “dark money” organization last year while it was working to defeat the state’s Democratic candidate for governor, Jared Polis.
Unleashed by Citizens United: Energy, Utility Giants Poured $60 Million Into 2017 Campaigns
About three dozen of the nation’s largest energy and utility companies pumped almost $60 million into campaign committees, ballot measures, trade associations, and nonprofits during 2017.
Green New Deal Opponents Score 24 Times More Campaign Cash From Big Oil Companies
The average congressional opponent of the Green New Deal has received 24 times more campaign cash from the nation’s largest oil and gas companies than sponsors of the climate change resolution.
Tax Return Shows Mercer Family Fueled Climate Skeptics Last Year With More Than $4 Million
A controversial family credited with helping Donald Trump win the White House spent $4.4 million last year to finance climate change deniers, according to its foundation’s latest tax return.