Social Media Companies Must Fight Disinformation as California’s Recall Election Approaches
MapLight | September 02, 2021
Today Decode Democracy joined a coalition of civic organizations urging major social media and technology companies to take steps to limit the spread of online disinformation ahead of the California recall election on September 14.
Facebook’s War on Research Comes at a Cost to Our Democracy
MapLight | August 19, 2021
Facebook, with its nearly three billion worldwide users and virtually endless data about the content they engage with and share, has rarely been a friend to transparency or the academic research community.
January 6th Select Committee Must Keep Social Media’s Role Front and Center
MapLight | July 27, 2021
This week marks the first meeting of the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th attack on the US Capitol.
Six Months After the Capitol Insurrection, It’s Time for Congress to Examine Social Media’s Toxic Role 
MapLight Staff |
Nearly six months after a deadly attack shook the foundation of our democracy, the House of Representatives passed a bill this week to create a select committee to examine the January 6 insurrection and the role online platforms played in amplifying disinformation and conspiracy theories.
Online Deception is Blocking Black Americans’ Full Participation in Our Democracy
MapLight Staff |
As the United States commemorates Juneteenth more than 150 years since the official emancipation of Black Americans from slavery, our country is still marked by systemic inequality, structural racism, and an ongoing struggle for civil rights that prevents Black Americans from participating in democracy on an equal footing.
Illuminating ‘Dark Patterns’ Is Key to Improving Our Democracy
MapLight |
Increasingly, dark patterns are being used to manipulate political information online and erode trust in our democracy.
As Facebook Bans Trump for Two Years, It’s Missing the Full Picture and Failing Our Democracy
MapLight |
Facebook’s decision to ban Donald Trump for two years is wholly insufficient to protect our democracy from the blatant lies, disinformation, conspiracy theories, and incitements to violence Trump has proven he will spread on the platform as soon as he’s given the chance.