News: Digital Deception

Decoder Newsletter: Not Social Media, Trump Media
MapLight's weekly newsletter on deceptive digital politics looks at the impact of disinformation on the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building.
U.S. Capitol Riot by Trump Supporters Highlights the Dangers of Disinformation
When people in power as well as technology and social media companies relied upon by so many for news and information amplify lies, conspiracies, and disinformation, we face real-world consequences.
The For the People Act Moves Us Closer to the Democracy We Need
The 2020 election and its aftermath have made it more clear than ever that we cannot take our democracy for granted. The newly introduced For the People Act marks a major step forward in achieving a democracy that works for all of us.
In Order to Succeed, The Biden-Harris Administration Must Address the Disinformation Crisis
MapLight helped to convene a diverse coalition of more than 30 organizations to encourage the Biden-Harris administration to treat the spread of disinformation as a fundamental and intersectional threat to advancing progress on key issues during their administration.
Decoder Newsletter: So Long 2020
The final Digital Deception Decoder newsletter of 2020 takes a look at the latest news, research, and trends in the world of online disinformation.
Decoder Newsletter: A Vaccine Is Coming, Misinformation Is Already Here
MapLight's weekly newsletter outlining the latest news and trends in deceptive digital politics looks at the misinformation surrounding vaccines for COVID-19.
Decoder Newsletter: Algorithm Changes & Timnit Gebru Firing
MapLight's Digital Deception Decoder newsletter looks at big changes to social media algorithms and the controversy surrounding Google's firing of Dr. Timnit Gebru, the co-lead of company's ethical AI team.
Decoder Newsletter: Is Trump’s Disinformation Working?
MapLight's weekly newsletter outlining the latest news and research related to deceptive online politics looks at the impact of President Trump's election disinformation campaign.
Decoder Newsletter: Unceasing Electoral Disinformation
MapLight's weekly newsletter outlining the latest news and research related to online political deception looks at how disinformation following the 2020 election just keeps coming.
It’s Social Media’s Business Model, Not ‘Bias,’ That Should Concern Congress
Instead of being side-tracked by political gamesmanship, Congress should use the weeks ahead to take a careful look at how social media and technology companies navigated the 2020 election to inform regulations moving forward.